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  1. Heck yeah bae-ybe keep them coming!
  2. yummmm that food looks delicious! and your hair cut looks adorable. i like it. good luck on the styling - wouldn't be able to handle having to style mine... wash and go only for me. xx
  3. Steph > chhhut arrête, après toute la Galaxie va s’esbaudir et vouloir regarder ton photoportrait derechef. Eliseu >huhuhu Katou > j’éprouve une tendresse certaine pour "quiche-nappée" :p
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  5. YAY! So glad that things are going well with Abby's treatment. Hoping she has a good weekend so Sami can enjoy her reunion.Hugs...Kerri, Medina, and Ruby
  6. Wa’alaikum As-salam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,You are most welcome Sarah. Thank you very much for your comment. May God accept your prayers for all of us. We are happy that you liked the balbalow. Please thank your dad on our behalf, and may God accept all his worship. We wish you and your family a very happy Eid.
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  15. Hep, DisonLe, qui êtes-vous pour vous approprier le XXIème siècle ? Les bobofs roses et les soixanthuitards attardés se sont toujours drapés de modernisme pour mieux amorcer la régression d’une société où ils se sont toujours sentis à la marge. Ce sont les patriotes qui ont porté les valeurs de la société française, en dépit des cancers de la pensée qui ont voulu de tout temps, revenir sur celles-ci et il y en a tout autant aux extrêmes gauches qu’à droite, voire même à gauche.
  16. Yeah isn't Cauthrien scaled way way up in that fight? I usually just surrender and am like, Yes! Prison Break story! Also: Alistair + Anora = total hilarity. Even though I feel like it's one of the best solutions, I still love their reactions when you propose the idea. Especially Anora's, "uh dude looks like my dead husband", point. Which to be fair to her would be totally awkward.
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  23. Sex-positivity is one of the things that Assassin’s Creed unexpectedly started to do in the 2nd game, and definitely part of what made me increasingly enjoy the series. Ezio treating women with respect? A former nun who now practices her religion by running a brothel? And isn’t shamed in-game for it? Caterina Sforza* talking about how “one should always have the freedom to choose” while taking about sex? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.* my faaaaaaaaaaaavoriiiiiiiiiiiiite
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  68. Dymphna,Very true. I don't think it's actually possible for the UK to reverse course without massive trauma to the current status quo. I mean, if the July 7th bombings didn't wake people up, I really don't know what will.All kudos to the Germans for making a (typically wordy) stand. Here's hoping that it helps their situation. Probably Papa Ray's right though, any atheist/liberal faced with a big shining miracle will immediately look for the 'OFF' switch.
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